Football championship of designers and architects

Football has brought together not only the whole of Europe, but also the designers and architects working under the OBERMEYER Group flagship.

Our athletically gifted colleagues got up from their computers on Friday and went to represent CASUA in Leipzig, Germany. There, not only the European Football Championship EURO 2024 started, but also the tournament of the OBERMEYER Group subsidiaries. In total, seventeen teams were pitted against each other. Each played six friendly matches. Our team won a beautiful 8th place and improved its score by a few ranks year-on-year. The winner was the Obermeyer team from Karlsruhe, where the tournament will move in 2025.

A crucial moment of the tournament was not only the sporting experience, but also making new friendships within the whole group.

We look forward to the next year!

Do you know what the number 33 means on our players' jerseys?