Project Bořislavka in nominations for the ČKAIT award

Even designers have their "Czech Oscars". The Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians has been organising the 20th annual Engineering Chamber Award and we are glad that our project is not missing this year.

The Bořislavka Multifunctional Centre has been shortlisted for the Engineering Chamber Award for 2023, organised by the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians (ČKAIT).

We are glad that we can enter not only the works of architects, but we also have the opportunity to show off the excellent documentation of buildings created by our designers.

Not many people know that the Bořislavka building has a total of nine floors. Five floors underground, which are held together by a wall skeleton, are used as parking spaces, and four floors above ground, supported by a system of inclined columns that create a symbolic crystal crust for Bořislavka. It was the atypical glass façade alternating different shapes, inclinations and types of glazing that was a real challenge for our designers.

Fingers crossed!

Photo: BoysPlayNice