It's alive in our office!

With dozens of architects and designers already with us, we have gathered again to summarize our projects and sit together over breakfast once every half year.

We are at the Facility Management Journal

We are in the Facility Management Journal with an article about the Czech Static Office. Interviewed by Eduard Paulík, Petr Housa and Oleg Haman.

Ceremonial opening of the CSO building

The grand opening of the central building of the Czech Statistical Office in Prague represented not only a significant milestone in the modernization of infrastructure, but also a contribution to improving the working environment and efficiency of public institutions.

Equator Stockholm in Prague

In recent weeks we have been visited by architects from Equator Stockholm, who specialise in urban development, housing and property development projects. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to discuss innovative and sustainable approaches to architecture and urban design!

Skiing and Innovation!

Our recent skiing trip wasn't all about downhill runs and fun on the mountain. The theme of the day was also digital transformation in the construction and manufacturing industry, thanks to Arkance systems. Digital technology can really change the industry, and we're excited about the possibilities it offers.

Thank you for the invitation to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Rehearsal!

On the programme was great music by Bedřich Smetana, specifically My Country and a cycle of symphonic poems - From Czech meadows and groves, Tábor and Blaník. The evening was hosted by Marek Eben, conducted by Petr Altrichter and written and directed by Alice Nellis.



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