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Smíchov City South

Technical design

The project “Smichov City South” builds on the previous project “Smichov City North”. It is a conversion of a part of the Prague 5 district from the canceled Prague Smíchov freight station to a new residential and administrative district. The project “Smichov City South” addresses the southern part of the territory, where seven new office buildings with retail units in the parterre will be located and a new hotel building with a shopping arcade focused on food sales and restaurants. The built-up southern part of the area will offer 125,000 square meters of gross floor space for offices, shops and accommodation facilities. The project includes two new parks and a new backbone pedestrian zone leading through the center of the area, which will start in the north at the current bus station “Na Knížecí” and in the south will connect to a new pedestrian bridge bridging the Prague-Smíchov railway line. The whole project is developed under company Sekyra Group, a.s.

The overall concept of the area was the result of an international competition attended by both domestic and international architectural studios. The winning urban design came from the Austrian company „Baumschlager-Eberle Architekten“ and the Czech company „Pavel Hnilička Architekti“. In order to apply diversification of the appearance of individual buildings in the territory, after the winning concept of urban design was announced, architectural offices were placed in the first five evaluated designs to design individual buildings within the territory which included the Austrian company “Henke-Schreieck Architekten” from Vienna, spol. „Tham-Videgard Architekter“ of Stockholm and et al. „Schindler-Seko Architects“ from Prague. In terms of providing technical support and guarantors of projects throughout the territory, the consortium is Casua, s.r.o. et al AED, a.s. . The construction is expected to start at the end of 2022, and completion in mid-2025.

The project “Smichov City South” is part of a major urban reconstruction of the southern part of Prague 5 Smichov, which consists of the above project and reconstruction of the train station Prague Smichov and building a new terminal next to the station, which will include a multi-storey parking house and a new bus station.

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